Traditional Tube & Fitting

AMP Scaffolding have the ability to carry out the smallest of enquiries from the front of a terrace house to a large commercial contract.

System Scaffold

AMP Scaffolding have their own AMPLOCK System which is a quick and reliable system.

Specialist Contracts

AMP over the years have been bought in to cover a multitude of “outside the box” scaffold solutions. AMP Scaffolding can offer more than just your average scaffolding contracts. They have their fabrication team, design team coupled with a wealth of access knowledge. There is no job out there AMP Scaffolding cannot solve for their customer.

In House Design

AMP Scaffolding are one of the few scaffolding/access companies within the country who have an inhouse design team with the ability to solve all aspects of access solutions.

Power Access Cradles

AMP Scaffolding can offer Power Access Cradles, these fit and coinside well within the AMP structure. Access cradles can be used on various types of contracts.

RMD Registered Installers

AMP Scaffolding over the years have become one of the largest and reliable contractors, offering a full service for the erection and dismantle of RMD equipment.

Safety Netting

AMP Scaffolding provide a fully registered and qualified Safety Netting team delivering a first class service to the customers satisfaction.

AMP Deck

AMP Deck are specialists in fall prevention solution for traditional build projects, predominantly house building. The system vastly improves safety compared to traditional methods such as airbags and significantly quicker to erect and dismantle compared to a bird cage scaffold.